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Christmas 2020

This year KK Beauty & Co and The Wardrobe are partnering with "Christmas Presents Kids in Care" to collect donations for kids aged 12-18. See below for more information!

Christmas Presents for Kids in Care

This year has hit everyone incredibly hard. Child Safety usually run a donation drive at Christmas time where companies, small businesses and community members are able to donate presents to kids in foster care. Unfortunately this year Child Safety is unable to run the drive because of COVID. This is why we have decided to partner with the beautiful women that run "Christmas Presents for Kids in Care." 

What do these incredible women do? They put gift bags together for kids aged between 12-18 years of age that live in residential care. Residential care is housing for young boys and girls that haven't been able to find the right foster/adoption placement. Sadly, these kids are often the ones forgotten about.

Christmas Lights

But what is in the giveaway?

Where do we come in?

KK Beauty and Co, The Wardrobe, Jabbas Makeup & Fresh Flour Cake Co are running a give-away based on the participation of donating!!!! So how will it work?

1. You buy a gift from the list below and bring it along with you when you come to your appointment

2. If you buy multiple gifts you will get multiple entries into the giveaway

3. We take all the donations to Jane at Christmas Presents for Kids in Care 

4. Jane and her team give the gifts to the kids they think will suit best!!

KK Beauty and Co will be giving away a FREE SERVICE - whether this be a refill, a full set, a brow package, etc. Whatever your heart desires! 

The Wardrobe will be giving away a FREE DRESS HIRE. The Wardrobe has a dress for your every need, whether that be a formal, uni ball, real estate ball etc!

Jabbas Makeup will be giving away a FREE MAKEUP APPLICATION. Perfect for any event this summer!

Fresh Flour Cake Co will be giving away 6 CHRISTMAS CUPCAKES. Who doesn't love Christmas cupcakes?

AND a $200 Mecca Maxima voucher!

The lucky winner will win all of the above which is potentially valued at over $500!


What you can buy!

Please bring all donations UNWRAPPED!!

Girls 12-15 yrs

Gift Ideas

  • Practice Makeup

  • Nail Polish

  • Hairbrush & Hair Ties

  • Face Cleanser

  • Face Masks 

  • Mositeriser

  • Lip Balms

  • Typo Stationary 


    $20 Clothing Voucher

  • $20 Visa Gift Card

  • Colouring Book & Pens

  • Backpack

  • Coin Purse

  • Diary

Boys 12-15 yrs

Gift Ideas

  • Lego Sets

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Handball

  • Playing Cards

  • Matchbox Cars

  • Books

  • T-Shirts

  • Socks

  • Hats

  • Lynx Sets

  • Body Wash

  • Headphones

  • Overnight Bag

Girls 15-18 Yrs

Gift Ideas

  • Makeup

  • Stick on Eyelashes

  • Perfume

  • Face Masks

  • Body Wash Set

  • Nail Polish

  • Earrings

  • Handbag

  • Handbag

  • Overnight Bag

  • Bath & Body Works Voucher

  • Cinema Voucher

  • $20 Coles Gift Card

  • $20 Clothing Voucher

  • $20 Visa Gift Card

  • Colouring Book & Pens

Boys 15-18 yrs

Gift Ideas

  • Baksetball

  • Football

  • Playing Cards

  • Books

  • Headphones

  • PJs, Socks, T-Shirts

  • Clothing Voucher

  • Lynx Set

  • Mens Perfume

  • JB HI FI Voucher

  • Cinema Voucher

  • $20 Coles Voucher

  • $20 Visa Gift Card

Other ways you can help


Donate to gifts to kids in hospital or donate money to the families.

Purchase toys online for kids in need. A great way to help if you are short on time!

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