As the government has given eyelash extensions & some beauty services the go ahead in Queensland, we have dedicated a page to explaining each step we are taking to make sure eyelash extensions stay open!



Explaining our COVID-19 SAFE checklist!

1. Separate entry point & separate exit point - All clients will be required to enter the premises through the front door and exit the premises out the back door, when exiting the premises the back door will be opened for you.

2. Client sanitisation station that every client will be required to use - Things that will be offered on the station include: Tissues, Hand Sanitiser & Disposable Masks.


3. Compulsory client information form filled out as it is a Government requirement - These forms will be placed on separate clipboards and one pen per person will be offered to each client. After the clipboard and pen has been used it will be passed to Kelsey to disinfect before being used again.

4. NO FRIENDS OR FAMILY (one person per appointment time) -  If you book a back to back appointment with your friend or family member you will be required to show up at the appointment time you booked separately. There will be no waiting area offered for anyone else other than the appointment holder. 

5. No waiting area for more than 5 minutes - this goes hand and hand with point number 4, if you are early to your appt you will be able to wait for up to 5 minutes before your appointment time. But if you have arrived with another client you will be denied access.


1. Separate area to place your belongings - There will be a basket provided close to the treatment bed where you will be able to place your belongings.

2 . Disposable bed roll on the treatment bed - As all of my prior clients know, my bed is rugged up in a cuddly blanket and comfortable bed cover. These will still be on the bed but will be covered by a sheet of bed roll to eliminate contact with the linen. Your comfort has always been my priority which is why I have decided on bed roll.


 Bed roll, on treatment bed 


 Basket for belongings with bed roll to protect belongings 

3. Lash Technician wearing a mask - Of course I will be taking every precaution possible and will be wearing a mask and washing my hands at every opportunity I get.

4. Glen 20 the treatment room as each person exits - As an extra precaution the room will be sprayed before a new client enters the room.

5.  Every surface wiped down after every appt - Doors, equipment and surfaces will be wiped down at the end of every appointment before a new client is allowed to enter the treatment room.